What information should be in a supporting deposition for a traffic or parking violation ticket?

What laws govern supporting depositions?


From Court Help -- Traffic CasesWhat is a supporting deposition?
"A supporting deposition is a document that has information about why the ticket was given, the time and location of the stop, and other information about what happened. If you want to see that document, you can check the box on the ticket for this."

Laws and Regulations Governing Supporting Depositions

CPL is the abbreviation for Criminal Procedure Law. NYCRR is the abbreviation for New York Codes, Rules and Regulations

  • New York Vehicle and Traffic Law, Art 2-B Adjudication of Parking Infractions
  • CPL 100.15 Information, misdemeanor complaint and felony complaint; form and content
  • CPL 100.20 Supporting deposition; definition, form and content
  • CPL 100.25 Simplified information; form and content; defendant’s right to supporting deposition; notice requirement
  • CPL 100.30 Information, misdemeanor complaint, felony complaint, supporting deposition and proof of service of supporting deposition; verification
  • CPL 100.40 Local criminal court and youth part of the superior court accusatory instruments; sufficiency on face
  • CPL 150.10 Appearance ticket; definition, form and content
  • 9 NYCRR Part 6180 Mandatory Surcharge and Parking Violations Enforcement and Disposition Program
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